Daphnis and Chloe

Evaggelia Koutsovoulou

It was curiosity that led Evaggelia Koutsovoulou from journalism to the creation of her company, Daphnis & Chloe, which provides foreign markets with Greek culinary herbs & spices.

“While I was working in Milan as a journalist, my Italian friends were always very enthusiastic with the oregano I brought back from Greece, so I started looking into the reasons why they liked my country’s herbs so much.

My research revealed exquisite varieties one can only find in Greek local markets”. Research turned into action and in 2013 Evaggelia founded her company which has managed to connect local small scale production with worldwide markets. Daphnis & Chloe’s products address everyone that loves Mediterranean cuisine, healthy nutrition and cooking and are currently exported in 18 countries.

“At some point, I realized it was time to take the next step in order to further grow my business. I decided I needed to create a new space where I could also process our products and that is how I contacted The People’s Trust. The organization helped me create this new space”. From her new premises, Evaggelia is setting her goals for the future which include the development of Daphnis & Chloe as a point of reference for the best culinary herbs & spices in international markets and we are certain she is going to achieve this. Daphnis and Chloe is an example of women entrepreneurship and extroversion at its best!

Creator Evaggelia Koutsovoulou
Purpose of donation Equipment
Year 2018
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