Maker of music organs

George Agalianos

Have you ever wondered how a guitar or a bouzouki is made?  All the details and the work that is hidden behind their familiar sound? Music organ maker, George Agalianos, shows us how music is made.

“As a musician, I was curious to learn how a music organ is manufactured because I always wanted a better one. So, I started thinking whether it was possible to manufacture it on my own”. It was his curiosity that led him to the creation of his own workshop in the center of Athens.

“I started working as an amateur. I was making music organs for myself. When I realized that I was quite good at this I decided to take an extra step and rent a place near my house so that I could move my work there”.

George specializes in traditional music organs from Crete and never seizes to evolve his art. “I found The People’s Trust at the right time as I was looking for a way to improve the qualitative characteristics of my work through new equipment. I wanted to buy new and specialized tools”. George’s work addresses both professionals and amateurs’ musicians and we are more than thrilled that we can contribute to its expansion.

“Everyone would like to do a job that makes them happy. And my work makes me happy. I would do it at any cost”. Luckily for music!

Creator George Agalianos
Purpose of donation Equipment
Year 2019
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