Holy Ginger

Yiannis Trimmis

“If people like it then let’s go with it”. This was the thought that drove Yiannis to setting up a new business venture and ensuring a stable future for himself and his family. He dreamed up and produced “Holy Ginger”, a non – alcoholic beverage that we love!

The idea came up a few years ago, when Yiannis, while looking to make a healthy beverage for himself and his friends, combined ginger with honey and lemon. The then called “ginger ale” found a very positive response from those who tried it, resulting in a gradual increase in demand and his first steps towards the creation of a business plan that ultimately led to “Holy Ginger”.

There were a lot of obstacles on the way, and no access to credit. It was then that Yiannis applied to our organization looking to meet equipment needs for his production facility and to complete its renovation. He has managed to create and produce a brand-new product, takes care of the packaging and the distribution and keeps on setting new goals for growth in the future. We can’t help but feel proud of him!

Creator Yiannis Trimmis
Purpose of donation Equipment
Year 2016
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