One Zipper

Uli Lara, Stellina Panayiotopoulou

Uli Lara and Stellina Panayotopoulou are the entrepreneurs that created One Zipper. Both having a common passion for water, sea and the pool, they decided to join forces and create a unique brand. Uli is a former Olympic medal winner in Polo and Stellina is a physical trainer and sports teacher, with a lot of experience in swimming. What else could they do but “dive” into the deep waters of entrepreneuship?

Their company designs, produces and markets beach towels, yoga and fitness towels, as well as swimming clothes, such as beach ponchos. Their innovation is that for all their products they use an optimal form of microfiber, which makes them very light and absorbent. They also use digital print which is very resistant to the sun and the chlorine of the pool, but the most important thing is that it is a completely Greek brand, which constantly seeks for new ideas to implement.

The beginning is always the hardest. At first, they had to persuade their target audience that they had a solid product. Fortunately, as time passed, their credibility would grow and they now have loyal clients that can’t do without their products.  

The People’s Trust was there to support them financially in renovating their workspace (address Argous 8 strt., Vouliagmeni) and turning it into a fully functional and friendly showroom

Give us a wise advice for new for new entrepreneurs, we asked the One Zipper duo. “I would say, don’t repeat yourself, never stop suggesting new products to your audience and always respect their needs”, says Stellina.  

In the end, they both agree that they would definitely propose The People’s Trust to new entrepreneurs, because as they say “this organization was a huge help for our business, and only good can come out of asking for their help”.  

Creator Uli Lara, Stellina Panayiotopoulou
Purpose of donation Workspace renovation
Year 2020
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