“For You” clothes shop

Katerina Dimotaki

Katerina worked as an employee at a men’s clothes shop for many years, until she decided to realize her dream and open her own shop with women’s clothes and accessories in 2014.

Things were going well for a while, however the economic crisis resulted in a significant drop in her turnover. Nevertheless, Katerina did not give up. As an active entrepreneur and a single mother of one, she had learned to rely on herself and to find a solution when needed.

Determined to maintain the shop she had opened with hard work, Katerina turned to men’s clothing, a product she knows very well, to increase her clientele and sales. It was with this plan that she addressed The People’s Trust for support, and her new course justified her choice.    

“I have not regretted my decision. Sales are going up, and for me, that is the best possible result.”

Creator Katerina Dimotaki
Purpose of donation Renovation & merchandise
Year 2016
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