Stefanos Vassilopoulos

Stefanos Vassilopoulos counts many years of professional experience in the field of food & beverage. Fun fact, many decades ago, his grandfather was a chef in the Grande Bretagne Hotel, in the center of Athens. Maybe that’s what influenced him to start cooking fresh, handmade pies.

He quickly realized that pies are a basic “ingredient” in the Greek gastronomic culture, but at the same time, he also found out that there is great need for fresh, handmade food. He started cooking traditional pies for friends as a hobby, following his grandfather’s recipes.  The first impression was quite positive and they all urged him to start his own business! The pandemic did not frighten him at all. Stefanos wanted to pursue his dream and did not listen to any reluctant voice, dictating him that this is the worst period for creating a business. After all, Stefanos believes that when you have a good plan, it is going to work, no matter what.

A friend of him informed him about The People’s Trust and the support it gives to new small business. He filled in his application, his business idea was approved and in no time, Stefanos started his business with fresh, handmade pies and pastry. His grandfather comes from the village Mouzilo, in the region of Evrytania. It was only natural that the name Mouzilo would also be the name of his business, which is based in Glyfada (Dousmani street, 13), Attica.

The one thing that makes Mouzilo so special, is that every pie is handmade.  All pies are cooked at the same day, nothing comes from the freezer. Cheese pies, mushroom pies, chicken pies, meat pies, apple pies, but also pastafloras: they are all made with traditional recipes and waiting to be served with a delicious coffee on the side.

The People’s Trust gave Stefanos the financial support needed, in order to buy the perfect new equipment for his business. As Stefanos says, "if a friend asked me how he could start his business, I would definitely recommend The People’s Trust". Finally, when he is asked to give a piece of useful advice to young entrepreneurs, Stefanos is quite clear: Love what you do, go to work every morning with joy in your heart and always trust people!

Creator Stefanos Vassilopoulos
Purpose of donation Business equipment
Year 2021
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