“Yupi” Bookstore

Flora Nikolaou

Flora, at the age of 25, has already created her own small business in Salamina. “I realized there was an opportunity for me to open a bookstore in the right area. I immediately decided to take the risk”.

That is how we met Flora: as the owner of a new bookstore named “Yupi”, a young entrepreneur that was methodical and had the persistence to make her dream come true. We supported her during the first crucial steps, by providing her with a grant to buy merchandise and cover certain needs.

Despite the difficult economic circumstances, Flora made it and with her mother’s help they meet the demands of their clients, mostly school students. Her advice to every young person that is thinking of making their first entrepreneurial step is: “There is no reason to be afraid. We should take risks, otherwise we will not achieve anything in life”.

Creator Flora Nikolaou
Purpose of donation Renovation & merchandise
Year 2016
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