Aspasia Skoufidi

“Being a mother of three children and at the same time having a vision that you want to turn into a profession, is a challenge”. Aspasia accepted and responded to the challenge in the best possible way! She made her vision a reality and created “Playschool”, a kindergarten for children aged two to four. 

The idea came about right after Aspasia lost her previous job and felt the need to spend her free time with her children more creatively. She took her first step towards this direction by collaborating with six other mothers to establish “Playgroup”, a place for enriching their children’s playtime. Ultimately, “Playschool” was the natural development of Aspasia’s goals and her aspiration in making a positive contribution to the way pre-school education is promoted in Greece, by highlighting first and foremost children’s esteem.

Aspasia made good use of her creativity and The People’s Trust funding to create a wonderful place where children are encouraged to express their wants and discover the world through play!

Creator Aspasia Skoufidi
Purpose of donation Renovation & equipment
Year 2017
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