Chris Stylios, Stephanos Houtridis

Chris Stylios and Stephanos Houtridis were destined to work together one day. Their friendship dates back to high school, where the two friends would dream of opening their own business. After graduation, each one followed his own path of studies and work. As Stephanos describes, after our graduation, one thing led to another and as a result we created our own business of web development and digital marketing, Disolt, which specializes in website and e-shop development and of course, marketing.

Growing up in the digital era, Chris and Stephanos quickly realized the importance of offering solid digital support to an entrepreneur. A support that would help a business thrive. As a result, they decided to use their profound knowledge of the digital world and combine it with tailor made business advice. This is what makes Disolt so unique in their opinion.

Naturally, the pandemic of covid 19 was a serious hit for their business. For every business really. After the first lockdown, they decided to take a break and see things in a calmer way. They also decided to re-evaluate their business plan and see things from a new perspective. After all, this pandemic was also affecting their business and their clients. Luckily enough, their strategy proved to be right and as a result, Disolt hired two more employees, creating two new jobs and four in total!

It was pure luck that led them apply to The People’s Trust. Stephanos’ mother, also an entrepreneur, was informed about the organization and let Stephanos know. When the time had come for founding Disolt, their application was a one-way street. The financial support they received was useful for buying electronic and office equipment and also software. The People’s Trust is extremely happy for having being there, in the first steps of the journey of Disolt. As Chris and Stephanos describe, The People’s Trust is a huge help for a small business that is just beginning to grow!

Creator Chris Stylios, Stephanos Houtridis
Purpose of donation Business equipment
Year 2019
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