Korkodilos Athens

Alexandros Ntouras

Alexandros, an artist and graduate at the Athens School of Fine Arts, has always been a fan of clay and its endless possibilities. This is why he decided to create something that would bring people in contact with this beautiful material. One of his friends informed him about The People’s Trust, an organization that offers financial support to small business. As a result, “Korkodilos” (a wordplay for the word “crocodile”) was born.

Korkodilos is a ceramics workshop, open to all people (amateurs or not) that want to experiment with clay and develop their technique. The workshop is in the heart of Athens, in the area of Keramikos (Plataion 56 str.).

Korkodilos offers a series of services. Its main service is of course the ceramic courses, which before the pandemic, took place in the workshop. Monthly ceramic courses, four times a month, three hours per week. Apart from that, pop-up courses, tailor-made courses for business employees or teams, private courses, as well as party courses” (for up to eight people) are included in the variety of services that Korkodilos offers.

The covid19 pandemic really troubled the courses routine and as a result Alexandros decided to start offering online courses. Every student now receives his own ceramics kit, including clay, tools and colors and takes advice from the teacher online. “At first, I thought it would be very difficult, the whole online process I mean”, Alexandros admits, “but later on, I noticed that it worked really well and most important, the artistic creations made during the course are admirable!”. “It is also important that everybody seems to be enjoying themselves, we ‘re having fun”, says Alexandros.

The financial support by The People’s Trust helped Alexandros in taking his business, Korkodilos, to the next level. With the support of the organization, he was able to buy a professional pottery kiln, a professional air conditioning system and to update his website. As Alexandros admits “I am now very optimistic about Korkodilos”.

Creator Alexandros Ntouras
Purpose of donation Business equipment
Year 2020
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