This document constitutes the set of terms of use of the website. The website's administrator is The People's Trust. By accessing or using our Site the visitor/applicant/donor confirms that she or he has read, understood and accept these terms and agrees to comply with them, which apply to the entire contents of the website, text, pictures and all relevant files and applications included on the website,


The People's Trust website is addressed to visitors/applicants and donors, who:

1. Are over the age of 18 with full legal license, or between 14-17 years of age, provided they have obtained the permission of a parent / guardian and all the relevant legal documentation of their place of residence.

2. They are not forbidden for any reason to access and make use of the site.

3. Βy completing the necessary information, the visitors/ applicants and donors confirm and warrant that they meet the above conditions and declare that all of the information provided is accurate and true.

4. The administrator/owner reserves the right to cancel the application and/or donation, if the information provided is inaccurate and untrue.


Donations can be made via credit card transaction (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express and Diners debit and prepaid cards).

The donations transact via Eurobank’s e-Commerce e-pay platform, which uses its own cryptographic system. Cryptography is a way to encode the information until it reaches its intended recipient, which will then be able to decode it by using the appropriate key. Completed transactions cannot be returned or canceled. Donations take the form of a simple money transfer amount.
The donations amount is transferred to the main bank account of The People’s Trust ΑΜΚΕ, which assumes responsibility for properly guarding and distributing support to beneficiaries, based on the The People’s Trust strict processes of evaluation and monitoring.
In any case money transfers to selected beneficiaries cannot be made unless each beneficiary provides the appropriate documents, has successfully passed the approval process and has made a legitimate start of their professional activity.

After completing each campaign, The People’s Trust takes responsibility of:

• Collecting from each beneficiary all related documentation before proceeding to the prepayment of the budgeted amount according to the business plan, proving the intended and proper use of any monies granted
• Monitoring the completion of the steps outlined in the business plan, based on the documents the beneficiary is required to provide as proof of the costs incurred
• Receiving all legal documents related to each donation (e.g. receipts, invoices etc.)


The rights of intellectual property The People’s Trust upon the names, trademarks, signs, logos, information, data, pictures, sample documents, services, applications e.t.c that are at any time included or appear by any means in the site are protected by Greek, European and International Law against their use, usurpation, reproduction, trade, alteration, transmission, copy, transfer, distribution, re-publication by third parties and by any means or reason, without the express prior written consent or authorization of The People’s Trust as provided for by applicable laws, or the violation thereof whether directly or indirectly.

Whatever is posted on the People's Trust website, along with comments, descriptions, audiovisual material and all the information included, remains available to the The People's Trust or to the company that manages or represents it, both during and after the expiration of the funding period and continues to appear on The People's Trust's website and/or can be used for promotional, marketing and communication activities as well as in the production, analysis and presentation of statistical analyses.

The People's Trust explicitly prohibits the use of the content of the Site by the visitor for reasons other than the reading of the content for their own personal information, applying to The People’s Trust to receive support, or donating to The People’s Trust to provide said support. Moreover, The People's Trust reserves all legal rights against anyone violating its rights as has been explicitly mentioned above.


The site contains links to other websites, which are managed by their administrators and in no way by The People's Trust or its administrator.

It should be pointed out that the site is clearly and categorically identified by third-party service providers that may be displayed or advertised in it. Therefore, the administrator is not involved and has no responsibility for any commercial transaction that may arise between them.


Read about the personal data protection here.