Tenacious Greek

Zoe Cotsis & Theofilos Kallitsas

An idea that was born one Sunday afternoon, became the recipe of a business opportunity, and eventually morphed into the creation of Tenacious Greek. Zoe and Theofilos’ business produces healthy, ready-made, gourmet meals inspired by the full and rich flavours of the Greek cuisine.

Tenacious Greek’s meals are based on recipes created by Chef, Dimitris Stamoudis and are slow-cooked in low temperatures for an average of fourteen hours! They then use the latest technology in food packaging in order to preserve the full taste and nutrition of all their foods – as soon as the meals are cooked they are packaged using sous-vide technology, without the use of preservatives or any artificial enhancers. A true innovation for a pure, nutritious, gourmet meal of unparalleled quality.

The raw materials used by Tenacious Greek come exclusively from Greek producers; people who work with a love of natural produce and respect for Greek nature. The name of the company is a tribute to their work and tenacity. The same tenacity that Zoe and Theofilos share which helped them, despite the obstacles they faced, to create a state of the art production unit in the aptly named “New World” district of Athens, and build the foundation upon which their vision is set. “The People’s Trust”, says Zoe “is an organization that embraced our project and recognized its potential… The advice, the mentoring, the help we received was the best thing that could have happened to us. It came at a time where we faced several difficulties and it really helped us. It provided us with the impetus we needed at that moment to continue working”. Our organization is very happy to support the development of a business that promotes high-end Greek gastronomy in foreign markets and at the same time creates several new jobs.

With key ingredients the unmatched quality of their products and a strong team of associates who give their best self every day, Tenacious Greek is writing its own recipe for success.

Creator Zoe Cotsis & Theofilos Kallitsas
Purpose of donation Equipment
Year 2017
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