Eleni & Christina Letsiou

The two sisters, Eleni and Christina Letsiou have always been very close. Ever since they were young, they have always wanted to find a way to work together, so that they can combine their experience, studies, skills and talents. Eleni is an Environmental Engineer with a postgraduate degree in Project Management and Christina is an oenologist and graduate of the Department of Wine, Vine and Beverage Sciences. Their love for wine led them to co-operate and create a small wine cellar, Oinophilia (which in Greek actually means “love for wine”).


“With a lot of hard work, dedication and passion, we created a welcoming and lively wine cellar, which brings joy and creativity to our everyday life”, says Eleni and Christina. The two girls acquired Oinophilia back in 2013. For more than fifty years the place used to be an old traditional winery.


Having in mind that a good wine doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, they traveled across Greece in order to taste different wines and choose the ones that finally met their high standards. This way, they managed to bring together over thirty local varieties from small wine producers and cooperatives. Naturally, the wine list is dynamic and never stops been renewed.


Zero waste mentality is a must for Oinophilia, as they follow sustainable and eco-friendly practices. For example, one can bring his own glass bottle and refill it with his favorite wine, with a small discount in return. There is also the option for a fully recycled and bpa-free packaging of the bag-in-box, or “askos” as is widely known in Greece. Askos offers many advantages, one of which is that it doesn’t let the air circulate and alter the taste of wine. One can say that the use of askos is what makes Oinophilia competitive in comparison with other small wine cellars.


When we ask the girls how they got to know The People’s Trust, the answer is quite simple: “a friend of us was already familiar with the work of the organization and let us know. We needed to expand our business. The timing was perfect!" The financial support they received was super useful for the development of their website/e-shop and the purchase of new equipment.

Creator Eleni & Christina Letsiou
Purpose of donation Website upgrade, equipment
Year 2020
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