Momentum Aerial Acrobatics

Kyriaki Baili

Kyriaki Baili grew up doing sports, with hobbies such as gymnastics, tae kwon do and football. She studied Chemical Engineering in the Polytechnic School and that was the time she discovered aerial acrobatics. She found it was a great hobby and as time went by, this hobby turned out to be her passion and her professional dream.  

The pandemic did not frighten her. On the contrary, it pushed her forward and made her accept a big challenge. Create her own small business. You see, Kyriaki needed a space where she could work out, stay fit and maintain her top form. A friend of hers, Dimitris, owner of the small restaurant bar “Rafiki” in the area of Kerameikos, Athens, informed her about The People’s Trust and how the organization supports small business. “Rafiki” is also a small business supported by The People’s Trust.

Kyriaki decided to apply to the organization for a grant. She developed her business plan, presented it to the team of The People’s Trust and her idea was approved by an evaluation committee. Her own small business, Momentum Aerial Acrobatics, was a dream coming to life. It’s situated in the area of Gkyzi, Athens (Ithomis street, No.12) and it also has a facebook and Instagram page.

The People’s Trust was there to support her financially in buying equipment and renovating her workspace, turning it into a fully functional and friendly aerial acrobatics school.  

Creator Kyriaki Baili
Purpose of donation Equipment and site renovation
Year 2022
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