Maria Apostolidou

Next time you are in Thessaloniki you will be able to enjoy the city luggage free! You can just drop them off at Lockerbox, the business that Maria created, which offers luggage storage services downtown.

Lockerbox addresses practically everyone: travelers that have checked out of their hotel and would like to enjoy the city, professionals who would like to leave their equipment somewhere safe, anyone who is out shopping and would like to continue their walk without their shopping bags.

Maria’s idea generated from her work in the tourism sector and more specifically from her work as a hotel receptionist. Maria would talk on a daily basis with guests who wanted to leave their luggage after their check out but no such service was available in Thessaloniki. Maria made it a reality! “With a lot of work and support I managed to build my business.

The People’s Trust helped from the beginning, both in a practical way, by providing consulting on what I should avoid and what I should consider, and by providing me the microfunding I needed to implement my business plan”. For Maria, who is a mother of two young boys, Lockerbox has become her third “child” and although the road to becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy one, she says: “I would advise any woman who is currently trying to build her own business to just go for it. If she believes in her idea, she should just do it!”.

Creator Maria Apostolidou
Purpose of donation Equipment and advertising services
Year 2018
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