Ode to socks

Ksenia Vanikioti

High quality greek cotton and greek folklore were the elements that inspired Ksenia Vanikiotis to set up her own business, Ode to socks.

The whole project is an "ode" to socks. An "ode" for two reasons: firstly, because socks were the main product of the business. She had decided that socks would be the core of the business. They would work as her canvas on which she would try to communicate her ideas, messages, images from the past and thoughts. Secondly, there is a poem by Pablo Neruda"Ode to my socks". A poem in which the author writes about the great joy he felt when one of his friends knitted a pair of socks for him. The message is clear: the joy we find in life comes from the little things we enjoy in our everyday life. This is what inspires Ksenia in creating new designs and patterns in order to share with the world.

Colorful socks with heroes from greek tradition (e.g. the greek grandmother or the "rebetis", an urban greek musician that appeared in the '60's), greek society (e.g. the priest), but also from the greek family. You see, Ksenia's grandfather was a poet named Mitsos Vlasopoulos. Her grandfather can "be found" all over Ksenia's work through his lyrics, which one can see imprinted on socks, t-shirts and more. His lyrics, are about emigration and the pain of leaving your country. 

Her famous heroes appear in all of Ksenia's work, (sweathirts, t-shirts, handbags, knitwear and more). Ksenia met The People's Trust in the beginning of 2018 and feels grateful, because as she says, they believed in her vision and supported her in order to make the first steps. "The most important thing though, apart from the financial support, was that they believed in my idea", explains Ksenia.  

Creator Ksenia Vanikioti
Purpose of donation Product manufacturing and brand promotion
Year 2018
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