Calliope Varsamou

"When taking a new step, there are no difficulties such as timing or age. Anyone can move forward if they really want to. I am turning sixty and I just started my own business. Nobody should be afraid to move forward!".

With her determination and the contribution of our organization, Mrs. Calliope Varsamou established in 2017 her own reflexology business in Marousi. With studies in traditional Chinese medicine, a sustainable business plan and self-confidence in her tool set, Mrs. Varsamou created her business aiming to help people accept the changes in their lives and to feel happy through their work. She strongly believes that change itself is a blessing, and she has proved that, by deciding to become an entrepreneur for the first time. “I was an employee all my life.

What I needed, in order to start my own business, was someone to listen and understand me, people with an open mind who would support me, someone who could assist me in achieving my goals. I found this kind of support at The People's Trust, an organization experienced in entrepreneurship". Through her own journey in creating a new business, Mrs Varsamou showed us that where there is a will, there is indeed a way!


Creator Calliope Varsamou
Purpose of donation Renovation
Year 2017
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