It's a Shirt

Christina Christodoulou

Christina's childhood memories include images from sewing machines, fabrics and designs, as her father owned a small industry with fabrics. That was the place where she observed and learned everything that has to do with sewing, cutting, patterns and more. Growing up she studied Art History and completed a postgraduate course in Textile Design and Processing in Sweden, where she lived and worked for several years.

As a result, 3 years ago, she decided to launch her own brand, "It's a Shirt". A small business that designs and manufactures high quality unisex shirts, made of greek textiles. When she decided that the time had come to fully pursue her dream, she got to know more about The People's Trust and asked for our support. 

With the help of our organization she found the right spot for her business and created her showroom and workspace. Time was not on her side, as the coronavirus pandemic caused many problems, delays and changes. Nevertheless, with a lot of hard work, she has now succeeded in being the proud owner of her showroom and drawing room, in Asklipiou Street, close to downtown Athens. The business is in a spot that draws the attention of passers-by and along with her website,, more and more people are becoming familiar with her work. 

Her philosophy is to create shirts that will last over time, as defined by the concept of slow fashion and will be a unique outfit in one's wardrobe. The shirts are truly one of a kind as they come in limited pieces, something that is attractive to the consumer, who recognizes the uniqueness of the product.

Christina is now a proud small business owner and in such a young age. She is living her dream and that is because she loves what she does. As she explains in our video, The People's Trust is the best solution for an entrepreneur that wants to take the first step!

Creator Christina Christodoulou
Purpose of donation Creation of showroom and workshop space for the business
Year 2020
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