Dimitris Kiriakopoulos

“It is very important for your business idea to be endorsed”. And we did! Dimitris contacted our organization with a clear plan for the creation of a modern baby swimming center. His extensive professional experience in the sports sector and his love for children, were the definitive factors in his decision to establish his own business.

A graduate from the School of Physical Education and Sport Science, with a Master’s degree in Sports Management, but also the leader in the 2010 reestablishment of Proteas Athletic Club, holding the position of the president until today, Dimitris’ choice to start his own business in the sports sector was practically inevitable.

Through his hard work, Dimitris managed to not only create a job for himself, but for eight more people, trainers and educators, that are currently working in his business! We are very happy that we were able to assist “The Little Turtles” in learning how to swim and we hope that we get to see them explore the full depth of their potential!

Creator Dimitris Kiriakopoulos
Purpose of donation Renovation
Year 2017
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