“Aifnis” Restaurant

Charis Sakellariou

Charis is an interior decorator, who, in 2010, started facing serious problems at work due to the economic crisis and was soon forced to leave his job. At the age of 60 it was almost impossible for him to re-enter the job market.

So, he decided to create his own business and make a fresh start in a different sector by opening “Aifnis”, a unique restaurant in Argyroupolis. “I took the decision to open a restaurant firstly because we had to make a living and secondly to fulfill one of our dreams.” With his wife and ally both in life and in the kitchen,

Charis took a new shot in business and with the grant provided by our organization bought the equipment and the first raw materials he needed to get started. It seems that sometimes second chances are better than the first ones, and Charis has successfully proved it!

Creator Charis Sakellariou
Purpose of donation Equipment & raw materials
Year 2016
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