Angelos Proestos

Proestilo is a brand that combines Angelos Proestos’ unique design techniques with the creation of accessories and objects of high quality and aesthetics.The handmade silk scarves are at the heart of the brand.

“The scarves”, says Angelos “are my canvas - a canvas filled with explosive colors, inspired by music, joy and light. It is as if one is looking at a painting. Each design is unique, made with a different design technique”, and that is just one more element that defines Angelos’ work. With a degree in Economics from the University of Piraeus and a Master at Business Risk Assessment, Angelos worked in the banking sector for fourteen years before deciding to pursue a different path in 2011.

He started painting again and it was then that the idea for the silk scarves was born. “I liked wearing scarves but I couldn’t find any designs that represented who I was, only repeated motifs. I started creating my own designs and people were very responsive to my work. I then started looking for the right partners and the best materials in Soufli in order to move production to the highest level of quality and above all to the best visualization of my designs”.

His search lasted four years until, in 2017, it resulted to the creation of Proestilo. The brand addresses women or men who first and foremost approve its design identity and seek the combination of visual art, quality, color and excellent manufacturing. This is Proestilo’s philosophy at the heart of which are the silk scarves, a premium product that focuses on foreign markets. The most difficult point in Proestilo's creation was the lack of resources.

"I found closed doors everywhere I turned. Fortunately, The People's Trust saw the prospect of my work and fully supported me. With the help of the organization I was able to make my showroom and I am very grateful for that ".

Creator Angelos Proestos
Purpose of donation Showroom creation
Year 2017
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