Biofilla Farm

Constantinos & Marios Georgoudis

“Our parents did other jobs before. We did other jobs before. We didn’t find any of this. We saw the place, we liked it, we truly love it and here we are!”. At Biofilla Farm, located in the village of Filla in Evia, Constantinos along with his brother Marios and the help of their father, have created their own unit for the production of organic eggs.

The idea was born when the two brothers worked together with their father in a company that build green houses and livestock units. They liked the job and decided it was something they could do on their own.  They rented an old chicken coop which they reconstructed on their own.

Today, 3.000 eggs are produced on a daily basis at their farm which are sold to a broker but also to organic farmers markets in Athens and Chalkida.“The People’s Trust provided us with great help and support. The organization funded the purchase of the necessary equipment to create the space where the chickens lay their eggs. They also helped us with contacts for the sale of our product. I am very happy with the people we’ve met at the organization”.  

Biofilla’s Farm goals for the future include the production of organic vegetables and olive oil, as well as the extension of their unit with additional space they want to rent for more chickens. “There is a future in the primary sector and if you go after the opportunities, it will support you. You could live a comfortable life with your family”. These are the words of two young entrepreneurs that chose life in the farm. Through their work and their vision, they prove they made the right choice!

Creator Constantinos & Marios Georgoudis
Purpose of donation Equipment
Year 2017
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